We asked our members what changes they would make to their system if they could; some of their responses are listed below.

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System works well with a switch which is also connected to mains. Only change would be more storage, another 100,000L!

Jason, WA

The biggest problem I have found is the lack of expertise by the workers and qualified plumbers installing the tank. e.g. tank roof collapsed because cone not checked when installed, pump installed poor choice for whole of house operation and lacked expansion tank (repaired under warranty but will need to be replaced eventually), connections either not to specifications or done in a manner that will lead to future problems.

Roger, SA

Better filtering before the tank inlet, as Melbourne has lots of roof dust and road grim build up on the roof making a black sludge in the gutters. Footscray area that is. If using bladders they do not breath and the smell is bad, even making the use of the water in the toilet on the nose.

Neil, VIC

No changes. Very happy with result. I've been using this arrangement for ten years with no downside. I never want town water again.

Michael, NSW

New tanks must have domed roofs and inlets protected from birds.

Russell, TAS

No changes to the storage. Would use larger down pipes (90mm rather than 75mm) and transfer pipes (150mm rather than 90mm) to reduce gutter overflow during heavy showers.

Tim, WA

Maybe a diverter at roof gutter level. I could then flush gutters with high pressure hose during winter when we get more rain than we can store.

Denis, SA

Change to clear food grade polythene outlet pipe to stop algae growth.

Simon, QLD

Increased capacity and more efficient water collection during torrential rain.

Jenelle, QLD

Have opening at each end of gutter so you can still clean them.

Pete, WA

Better filtration of water entering the tank. A system for occasional syphoning of debris from the bottom of the tank, and a system for keeping the stored water oxygenated.

Julian, QLD

Install automatic "first flush" rainwater diverters to dump the first runoff from the roof. We have a similar setup but it needs to be emptied manually from time to time.

Chris, VIC

Integrated system designed from house design so that seamless connection to toilet and house, black and greywater recycling with minimal intervention, and a decent filter system... also auto pump for watering garden, with disconnect for other watering would be nice. A reed bed for grey water diversion and reuse maybe, and composting toilets definitely!

Aravind, NSW

Better and deeper gutters

Tony, NSW

A tank gauge would be of use. My suspicion is that they're regularly full/overflowing. With a gauge we'd probably push more onto the garden but also be confident to leave enough to cover household usage.

Andrew, NSW

Possibly an outflow system that draws water from the water surface rather than the bottom of the tank.

Neil, NSW

Better entry angle of pipe flowing into top of tank - in heavy downpours water is lost as flow is too great.

Michael, QLD

Fit a second overflow outlet that comes from the bottom of the tank and set up so you can choose which one works. Floating "debris" is flushed out with a normal top overflow. Flushing out stale water and sediment can be done using the bottom overflow.

Warwick, VIC